Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Jobs Tasks offer reliable companies a platform to advertise employee requirements through our website and allow you to enjoy all promotional benefits. We limit access to legitimate and trusted users, but cannot guarantee that unwanted parties will not gain access to this searchable information or databases. 
We protect the use of information from our services in our Terms and Conditions, but we cannot control the use of information by third parties once they obtain the same information from your services or other publicly available sources. Employers should not pass any confidential information you would not want to be made public on the public website.
If you are a job seeker, you can get links to other sites from our website for your opportuneness and info.  These sites are not owned or operated by companies by Jobs Tasks.  We are not responsible for any content or information on the sites that are not owned by Jobs Tasks. The linked third-party sites may have their own privacy policies, which you should review when you visit.  
To get more clarity over the privacy concerns and stay away from unreliable third parties, keep in mind the important points.
·         Use your own cautious judgment about what information to provide to recruiters.
·         Do not publish or share any sensitive info like your bank numbers or passwords to recruiters via phone or online.
·         Never engage in any monetary transactions with anyone grounding on Jobs Tasks. 
·         Jobs Task’s sites are exposed to the public, and we cannot guarantee all our users have a genuine need to the information they seek.  
·         Do not deliver your social security number, national identification number or any state, provincial or other local identification numbers to any third party.
·         Be aware and careful while dealing with contacts outside of your own country. 


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