Wednesday, 31 January 2018

| Job Vacancies In Hospitals Of Minstry Of Difense Saudhi Arabia | | Job Vacancies In Saudhi Arabia |

Vacancies are available in  Various Hospitals  Of Ministry Of Defense, SAUDHI ARABIA 

Client Interview Will Be Held By Second Week Of February 2018
Registered Nurses -ICU, NICU-5/6 Year Experience
Accident And Maternity, Emergency Ward 3-5 Year Experience
Pediatric, Maternity, Medical-Surgical, Primary Care/OPD Nurse-2-3 Year Experience
Operating Room, Renal Dialysis-3 Year And Above GNM/POST BSC/BSC Holders Can Apply. Job Vacancies In Saudi Arabia Head Nurses, MentalityPediatrics, Med-Surge, NICU, Antenatal/OR-5 Year And Above Experience In Similar Position [BSC POST BSC Only]
Assistant Head Nurses-Maternity/SCBU/ER/NICU/ICU/MED-SURG, Pediatric/Family community And Medicine-3 Year And Above Experience In  Similar Position [BSC/POST BSC Only]
Nursing supervisors- 3 Year And Experience In the Same Designation And 5 Year Experience In The Same Designation And 5 Year Experience as registered Nurse [BSC/POST BSC Only]
All The Above Should Be ACLS/BLS Certified

Apply to CV And Other Documents Can Be  Sent Courier Also
Jolly Jeminy Manpower  Consultants f120/121 Pioneer Tower/Marine Drive, Kochi-682031
Phone number-04842371776/2371033

Each clients Are Needed:
Experience Certificate
Trade Certificate
Possport Copy
Passport size photo

Company Details: Saudi Arabian Hospitals 
Company Name: Hospitals Of Ministry Of Defense
Address Details: Saudi Arabia

Land Phone: 04842371776/2371033
Mobile: nill
Mobile: nill
Contact Person: Asif
Date Posted:30/1/2018

Posted Ad No : Jobs Tasks /2018 / Saudi Arabian Jobs


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